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Find the answers to all of your epoxy resin questions through our informative resin articles below, including resin reviews, best resins for your project, how to clean resin from cups and more resin questions answered.

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Resin Safety

Learn how to use resin in a way that keeps you safe

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Resin safety respirator mask and blue glove

Our most popular resin questions, answered below.

Here are your quick shop links that come from some of our most popular epoxy resin questions, including:

  • What is the best all purpose epoxy resin?
  • How can I work safely with resin?
  • What is the best resin for countertops?

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Best Resin For Projects

Shop Resin On Amazon

You can absolutely purchase resin on Amazon, but it is best to know which brands are recommended and which are knockoffs. Shop resin on Amazon from here.

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Woman wearing resin safety gloves and mask

Work With Resin Safely

This is the best respirator for working with epoxy resin and it has the proper filters you need.

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White epoxy resin countertop with grey marbling in kitchen

Shop Resin For Countertops

This epoxy resin kit is ideal for wood finishes, crystal clear coating plus many more applications.

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Quick Epoxy Resin Recommendations.

Don't want to read about which resin is best for your project? check out our quick resin tiles below with our top recommendations.

Visit our section, "Best Resin For" to read about our recommendations for:

  • Best resin for wood surfaces
  • Best resin for coasters
  • Best resin for countertops

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