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BEST Resin For TUMBLERS in 2024

Have you ever wanted or wanted to make your own custom tumbler for your coffee, smoothies, water a other beverages?

Making tumblers is an art form and once you know how to do it and what tools and materials to make a tumbler with, there is no stopping you from making tumblers for your friends, family, co-workers or as a little business?

A custom epoxy tumbler can display names, characters, colors, patterns and can come in different shapes and sizes.

Resin To Make Tumblers With

What do you make an epoxy tumbler with?

Epoxy resin is a material that can be used in a variety of projects, including making tumblers. It is a strong and durable material that can be poured evenly into different surfaces to give them a glossy, waterproof finish.

To make a tumbler using epoxy resin, you will need to start by preparing the surface of your tumbler and mixing the epoxy resin according to the instructions on the package or by the manufacturer. Once the resin and hardener is thoroughly mixed, you can pour it onto the surface of the epoxy tumbler as it is turning and you can use a tool to spread it evenly.

After the resin has cured, you can sand and polish the surface of the tumbler to give it a smooth, professional finish with a shiny coating, or you may buy an epoxy resin that finishes smoothly on its own.

Epoxy Tumblers Resin 

Why make epoxy resin tumblers?

There are several reasons why people might choose to make custom tumblers using epoxy resin. One reason is that epoxy resin is a strong and durable material that can withstand regular use.

Tumblers made with epoxy resin are also waterproof and can be used to hold liquids and hot drinks without worrying about leaks or spills. Finally, making tumblers from epoxy resin can be a fun and creative hobby that allows people to express their artistic abilities.

Best Resin For Tumbler

What can you decorate epoxy tumblers with?

Epoxy tumblers can be embellished with:

  • glitter
  • paint
  • alcohol inks
  • decals (stickers)
  • spray paint
  • liquid pigment
  • anything else you can color resin with

There are endless ideas when it comes to making a custom epoxy tumbler. Glitter tumblers are especially popular, and this can be done by either mixing loose glitter into your epoxy resin, or covering your tumblers with glitter and then a layer of resin for tumblers. There is also acrylic glitter paint you can use.

The most important part of making epoxy tumblers is choosing the best resin for tumblers. There are some key factors to look for when choosing your resin:

Epoxy Wood Tumbler Idea 

Resin Properties To Look For When Making Tumblers:

Heat Resistant Resin For Tumblers

With epoxy resins, heat resistance is an important factor to take into consideration when purchasing resin if you are plan on having something hot placed in them such as coffee or tea.

Many brands of resin will say what specific temperature they are heat resistant to, and we will also highlight that below. Keeping in mind, the hot beverage will be on the inside of your tumbler and will not be in direct contact with your epoxy resin.


Scratch Resistant Resin For Tumblers

Scratch resistance refers to the hardness of the cured resin. Keep in mind, when a resin says it is scratch-resistant, that does not mean it is scratch-proof, but it is good to have in a resin when using it for a tumbler.


Food Safe Resin For Tumblers

It can be difficult to find the food safety rating of an epoxy resin brand sometimes, but many will say "food safe for incidental contact once fully cured".

When pouring resin on a tumbler, it is good practice to keep the resin away from the area that will be in direct contact with your mouth regardless.

The brand of resin should comply with FDA 21 CFR 175.300 (Here is what FDA 21 175.300 means but in a nutshell, 21 is the classification for food and drugs by the FDA, CFR 175.300 is for Resinous and polymeric coatings.)


Now that we have covered some of the properties to look for when purchasing epoxy resins for tumblers, here are our top resin brand recommendations for this particular craft.

Let's get into it.

 Resin Tumblers Best Epoxy

Best Resins For Tumblers

Here are the best epoxy resins for tumblers.

1. Counter Culture DIY Epoxy Resin For Tumblers

Check price of the DIYCC resin specifically made for tumblers right here

About this resin:

Counter Culture DIY (CCDIY) is a very good choice of epoxy resin for making tumblers with. There are many types of DIYCC resins to choose from, and this is the best epoxy resin for tumblers.

This is an epoxy that produces a beautiful crystal-clear, glass-like finish. This epoxy resin is VOC-free and is also UV-resistant, which we love!

(When an epoxy is uv resistant, the formula has uv stabilizers added to it to make it uv resistant. You may pay a bit more for a resin that says this due to this formulation, but it is worth it as it will prevent your resin from yellowing quickly).

Something else to note, is that many tumbler artists say this particular brand has "no odor" or "low odor" if any (not quite odor free).

A couple of things to know if you are planning on using Counter Culture for your craft projects. You have a 25-40 minute working time before the consistency changes and it begins to cure.

They recommend mixing NO LESS than 2 oz. of epoxy resin together to avoid sticky, soft or uncured resin finishes.


Resin For Tumblers


It should be noted that Counter Culture DIY Artist resin is an epoxy resin that is FDA-compliant. According to their website, they comply with FDA 21 CFR 175.300. 

Counter Culture is a very popular brand for many tumbler artists out there who swear by it, many switching from their current brand to Counter Culture with great results.


What this resin is great for:

According to CCDIY, this resin "is great for Tumblers, Artwork, Acrylic Pours, Resin Art, Geodes, Countertops, Serving Trays, Coasters, any surface that requires a hard durable finish. Artist Resin may be suitable for some casting applications 1/4” or less".


Resin Tumbler Art

Qualities of Counter Culture Resin:

  • Heat Resistant: This specific resin is heat resistant up to 500 degrees and cures in 24 hours with 25-40 working minutes at room temperature
  • Scratch Resistant: Yes, this resin is scratch resistant which is perfect for tumbler-making
  • Food Safe: The epoxy isFDA Compliant Resin- Complies with FDA 21 CFR 175.300

Resin for lacing waves 

Other notes and summary about CCDIY resin for tumblers:

  • 1:1 mixing ratio
  • UV resistant and is stabilized to prevent yellowing from uv exposure
  • Scratch resistant
  • Heat resistant up to 500 degrees
  • VOC free
  • No fumes
  • Made for professionals (high quality)
  • Formulated as a suspension resin, meaning metallics, stains, acrylic paint and mixed media will stay suspended rather than fall to the bottom of your work

Watch Counter Culture's video below to see it in action on a tumbler on their product listing here:

Tumbler Video 

2. KS Resin For Tumblers

Check price of the KS Resin for tumblers here

About this resin: This specific resin made by KS Resin is a two part epoxy system with accelerated drying properties. This product is ideal for those who require an epoxy resin with a shorter working time, drying time, and curing time. You need to work quickly as this epoxy sets significantly faster than our other epoxy resin systems.

This resin is unique in its ability to stay clear while curing, and you have about a 15 minutes working window. Due to the unique nature of this product, it can be used as a top coat and over light colors.

Resin For Epoxy Tumbler Making 

Qualities of KS Resin:

According to KS Resin, this epoxy is great for stainless steel tumblers, canvas paintings, wood substrates, filling voids, small molds, coasters, jewelry and more.

  • Heat Resistant: This specific formulation of epoxy resin by KS Resin is heat resistant up to 475 degrees F.
  • Scratch Resistant: This resin has a shore d hardness rating of 75. A bit behind this shore durometer hardness test from Wikipedia: Durometer, like many other hardness tests, measures the depth of an indentation in the material created by a given force on a standardized presser foot. This depth is dependent on the hardness of the material, its viscoelastic properties, the shape of the presser foot, and the duration of the test. ASTM D2240 durometers allows for a measurement of the initial hardness, or the indentation hardness after a given period of time. The basic test requires applying the force in a consistent manner, without shock, and measuring the hardness (depth of the indentation).

    For a type D test, the indenting foot used to measure is a hardened steel rod 1.1 mm - 1.4 mm diameter, with a 30 degree conical point, 0.1mm radius tip. The applied mass is 4.550 kg so the resulting force is 44.64 N (newtons).

Other notes and summary about KS Resin for tumblers:

  • VOC Free
  • 1:1 Mixing ratio
  • Self leveling
  • Ultra-clear
  • 15 minutes working time
  • High gloss finish
  • Made in the USA
  • Dries in 3-4 hours


3. Promise Epoxy Resin For Tumblers

Check price of the Pro Marine for resin tumblers here

Promise, formerly ProMarine, is a crystal clear epoxy tabletop resin that is highly impact resistant. It is a strong, durable and popular choice among tumbler artists.

Well known for having minimal air bubbles in resin, no craters or fish eyes, it consistently has great results for all of its applications.


What this resin is great for:

  • Tumblers
  • Epoxy table 
  • Wood finishes
  • Clear encapsulations
  • Artwork
  • Clear coating

Watch a video of this resin in use on Pro Marine's resin listing below:

Promarine Video For Resin 

*We are not sure what the exact temperature rating is for heat resistance, the scratch or impact resistance or if it is FDA-compliant, but we have reached out to the company and are waiting to hear back directly from them, so bookmark this page if you are waiting to find out.

Right now, we can only share that it is a very popular choice among tumbler artists for its low odor (not quite odor free), and it also has a faster setting time than other epoxies. Many, many tumbler artists use this resin on their tumblers and love it.

Other notes and summary about Pro Marine resin for tumblers:

  • 1:1 mixing ratio by volume
  • self leveling
  • Dries crystal clear
  • Glossy
  • Water-resistant
  • Great surface appearance (minimal bubbling, no craters, no fish eyes)


We hope we helped you decide between the top epoxies for resin that are the most popular among resin tumbler artists! We can provide you with the top three choices as well as their facts and features, but after that comes personal preference when choosing the best epoxy resin for tumblers.

You can do further research and look into the safety data sheet for each resin brand. We would also like to remind you to always wear the appropriate protective gear; a respirator and nitrile gloves when working with epoxy resin, and make sure to protect your working area with a plastic sheet.

We like to have a little safety chat we leave at the bottom for each resin article we write, and we highly recommend checking it out to avoid resin reactions that can develop over time.

Epoxy Resin Tumblers FAQ

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to tumbler-making and epoxy resin:

1. What type of epoxy resin is best for tumblers?

Epoxy resins come in various formulations, but for tumblers, it's recommended to use a high-viscosity, self-leveling epoxy. This ensures smooth and even coverage, reducing the likelihood of drips or uneven surfaces.

Please read the above article to learn what our top recommendations for best epoxy for tumblers and why we chose them.


2. How long does it take for epoxy resin to cure on tumblers?

The curing time can vary, but generally, it takes about 24 to 72 hours for epoxy resin to cure on tumblers. Factors such as temperature and humidity play a role, so follow the manufacturer's guidelines for the specific resin you're using.


3. What safety precautions should be taken when working with epoxy resin for tumblers?

Safety is the top priority with any epoxy work. Always work in a well-ventilated area or use a respirator to avoid inhaling fumes. Wear protective gear like gloves, mask and eye protection. Additionally, follow proper disposal procedures for resin waste to minimize environmental impact.


4. Can epoxy resin be used to seal and decorate tumblers simultaneously?

Absolutely! Epoxy resin not only seals but also provides a glossy finish. You can add pigments, glitters, or even decals during the application process. Just ensure to work efficiently, as epoxy has a limited working time before it begins to cure.


5. How can one prevent bubbles in epoxy resin when coating tumblers?

To minimize bubbles, mix the epoxy slowly to avoid introducing air and micro bubbles. Consider using a heat gun or torch to gently remove surface bubbles after application.

Additionally, allowing the resin to sit for a few minutes before applying helps bubbles rise and dissipate. And always follow the resin manufacturer's guidelines for bubble prevention.

Pouring resin bubble free 

Remember, all epoxy resins are all formulated differently.

Epoxy resin brands all have their own ratings according to their specific formulations. Some are thicker, some are runny, some have more air bubbles than others.

Some resins are food safe for indirect contact, some have odors where others are odor free and have no VOC's (volatile organic compounds), some are self leveling (as long as you are on a perfectly horizontal surface, this will work for your tumblers!).

 Mixing resin in cup

We hope we helped you narrow down the choices to discover the best epoxy for tumblers for you.

We would also love to hear your thoughts. Do you have a certain brand of resin you love working with when it comes to tumblers? What do you think the best epoxy for tumblers is? Leave us a comment below and we will check it out! We welcome all of your thoughts, ideas and feedback.

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No matter what type of resin you decide to use, always use personal protective equipment (PPE). Take time to carefully go over safety data sheets before making anything with resin, and make sure you have the proper gloves on (not latex) and the right respirator for resin protection.

Here are the exact gloves we always use

This is the respirator we use and recommend for resin work

Read more about resin safety here

And please remember, even if your epoxy resin of choice is "VOC-free, odor free" and/or "non toxic", please always wear the proper respirator for epoxy resin.

Here is the BEST respirator mask for epoxy resin: this Full Face Organic Vapor Respirator checks off all of the boxes for resin safety, and comes with

  • free 30 day returns
  • a 1 year factory warranty
  • free US shipping and free shipping on international orders

Here it is:

best respirator for resin


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