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8 BEST Resins For Jewelry Making in 2024!

Best Resin To Make Jewelry With

Do you ever see beautiful handmade jewelry with dried flowers and leaves encased into it? Or maybe, it looks like a clear dome over a small picture or painted art?

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That jewelry artist is likely making their necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more from epoxy resin, and this is something you can do as well! Making resin jewelry is an enjoyable hobby and can be rewarding and fruitful if you plan on selling your creations.

Resin pendant necklace


Resin is a very good medium to work with when making handmade jewelry. If used properly, it can make gorgeous pieces, and it all starts with choosing the best epoxy resin for making jewelry with and wearing the proper safety gear for resin.

There are hundreds of brands of epoxy resin out there; they are formulated for different resin projects. Some are made for deep-casting and making wood resin tables with, others you can coat a surface with like cutting boards.

There are even epoxy resins out there you can use to make geodes with or resin to make your own coasters.

2 Resin Coasters


Epoxy Resin For Jewelry

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Resin makes an absolutely fantastic pieces of jewelry. One of the best things about creating your own epoxy jewelry is that it cures very hard so it's not easy to scratch, it is easily colored to your liking with resin colorants and you can include glitter in your resin as well as dried elements to cure in your pieces.

There are many epoxy resin supplies you can get to add to your DIY jewelry!


Epoxy resin pendant necklace


What Kind Of Resin Jewelry Can You Make?

There are many ways to make your own jewelry with resin as well as many different kinds of jewelry to make with the right resin supplies. You can pour the resin into molds to cast your jewelry, or you can purchase metal pendant trays to create nature-inspired jewelry.

Nature inspired resin jewelry

Dried leaf pendant jewelry

Try making pendants into necklaces or hair pieces, or get a suitable silicone mold for resin jewelry and make bracelets and different kinds of necklaces. There are so many resin molds to choose from when making jewelry, just make sure you also get yourself a heat gun for resin to get those air bubbles out so your resin jewelry can dry crystal clear.

You can also purchase ring blanks and make your own resin beads and ring pieces. The list can literally go on and on from there.

The best part, is that you can make your own jewelry right from home or from your craft studio, as long as it is properly ventilated during mixing as well as during the resin cure, and you are keeping resin safety in mind when you are present.

There are many resin jewelry ideas you can look at, and some popular items to make with resin are pendants, resin rings, wood embedded resin charms and earrings too.

This list is for beginners and professionals who want to make jewelry with resin. If you are asking what is the best resin for jewelry you have come to the right place. Let's talk about some resin brands that are perfect for DIY handmade resin jewelry.

Colorful resin beads for jewelry



See all epoxy resin for making jewelry available here (*link opens in a separate window so you can compare as you read)

When looking for the best resin for jewelry, it is good to keep in mind that not all jewelry resins are the same, and this is why you will see the price variations among the top choices we have for you.

Resins that cost more typically have added elements into their formulation to prevent their resin from yellowing quickly, or it has been formulated to have a low odor or something added to make the resin cure harder.

Once you see a resin you like from our list, go on and read a bit about it in the listing to learn a bit more about it and if it sounds like it will work for you, give it a try! It is also a matter of preference.

So bookmark this page, try a resin and if you don't love it for making DIY resin jewelry, then come back to this list and try another epoxy.

1. ArtResin For Jewelry

Check Price Here

ArtResin is a popular brand because it is easy to use and has a working time of about 45 minutes. We have worked with ArtResin many times, and find it is amazing for epoxy resin jewelry making.

This jewelry resin is not made for deep casting, so we find that it is perfect for beautiful epoxy resin jewelry (in pendant trays, bezels or in resin jewelry molds) keychains, resin coasters, geode resin art and as a clear resin coating for cutting boards.

Resin jewelry keychains

It is also a well known brand for yellowing very slowly (all resins will yellow over time). ArtResin has a great formulation with an added UV protectant to avoid yellowing as much as possible. It also has very low odors, but please make sure you wear a mask no matter which resin you are working with.

When this 2 part liquid resin is in stock don't delay because they sell out quickly.

best resin for jewelry making



2. Puduo For Jewelry Making

Check Price Here

The resin is specially formulated for jewelry making and has a 45 minute work time so that you can get your pendants or jewelry perfect. It dries crystal clear so when you embed flowers or charms into the resin, you will be able to see right through to them clearly. This is a one to one resin, so you will mix one part resin with one part hardener so it's really easy to work with.

This resin does resist yellowing due to UV exposure but all epoxy resins will eventually yellow over time.

best resin for jewelry making



3. Janchun Resin For Jewelry

Check Price Here

This resin is very popular because it cures very hard and easy for beginners to work with. If you want to try your hand at making glow in the dark jewelry, this resin is great for that because it incorporates pigments very well when you are stirring them in.

When working with a 1:1 resin, be sure to stir it slowly so that you don't get very many bubbles in the resin.

best resin for jewelry making 


4. Limino UV Resin For Jewelry

Check Price Here

If you want to try a resin that is super easy to use, then try this one out. You can use this UV resin for making charms & rings. You can easily embed glitter or flowers into your jewelry pieces too. You don't need to measure anything or wait for cure time because it cures with a UV lamp.

Check price of UV lamps here for resin jewelry

This UV resin will give you a clear finish for your jewelry with a glossy shine. Customers say that this resin has a bit of an odor but that it does go away after a while. If you are just starting out or making small pieces, this is a perfect size.

With UV resin, you will need to pick up a UV light for curing.

best resin for jewelry making


5. Clear Cast Polyester Resin For Jewelry

Check Price Right Here

If you are casting into a deep mold then this might be a good choice for you. This is a polyester resin that is used the same way as epoxy resin but is better for molds that are deeper. One thing about this resin is that it is super clear when the piece is buffed out.

We have used this resin to make resin jewelry before in silicone molds, and it has performed very well.

Here is a photo of us demolding a necklace piece made from this clear cast resin, the one in my hands was tinted with blue alcohol ink:

Demolding resin pendant

Keep in mind that Polyester resin has a very strong odor that does not go away until fully cured, so if that is something that may bother you, it is good to be aware of. Again though, always wear the proper respirator when using any resin.


best resin for jewelry making


6. Art 'N Glow Casting Resin For Jewelry

Check Price Here

A casting resin that can be used for jewelry making and for coating applications for when you need to seal something. With a hard as a rock finish, this will be great for pendants or rings.

This resin has an easy 1:1 ratio and will accept all pigments like liquids and colors.


best resin for jewelry making

7. Promise Epoxy

Check Price

For professionals that are already making jewelry and have jewelry shops, then you might need a larger amount of resin. This resin is low odor and is proudly manufactured in the USA. Promise epoxy have perfected their formula so that you get a high gloss finish with very little bubbles.

ROCK HARD VERSATILITY - We ONLY Produce a Tough, High Gloss, Water Resistant Coating so you know when it counts, we have your back!

epoxy resin and hardener for jewelry 

8. Craft Resin For Jewelry

Check Price

You are going to get a stunning result with this resin for jewelry making. This is an all in one kit so you will get the resin, mixing sticks and protective gloves. And this is another resin that is a 1:1 mixing ratio so you will use an even amount of resin and hardener.

best resin for jewelry making



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No matter what type of resin you decide to use, always use personal protective equipment (PPE). Take time to carefully go over safety data sheets before making anything with resin, and make sure you have the proper gloves on (not latex) and the right respirator for resin protection.

Here are the exact gloves we always use

This is the respirator we use and recommend for resin work

Read more about resin safety here

And please remember, even if your epoxy resin of choice is "VOC-free, odor free" and/or "non toxic", please always wear the proper respirator for epoxy resin.

Here is the BEST respirator mask for epoxy resin: this Full Face Organic Vapor Respirator checks off all of the boxes for resin safety, and comes with

  • free 30 day returns
  • a 1 year factory warranty
  • free US shipping and free shipping on international orders

Here it is:

best respirator for resin


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