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7 BEST Resins For Coasters in 2024 | READ Before Buying!

Best Resin For Coasters


Making your own resin coasters is a great way to customize your home and add a touch of your personality to it. You can be as creative as you want in making your own custom epoxy coasters! Pull different colors from your room that you want to use as accent colors and leave your resin coasters out for display.

You can also make resin coasters and give them away as gifts or sell them as a business! It is as easy as grabbing the proper resin coaster supplies, buying your resin coaster molds and colors, pouring and enjoying.


Packaging resin coasters for store


Which Resin Is Best For Coasters?

But, what type of epoxy resin should you use when making coasters? In this article, we'll take a look at the best resins for making coasters and give you some tips on how to get started. So, whether you're a beginner or an experienced DIYer, keep reading for all the info you need!


Easy resin coasters


In this post, we'll take a look at the best epoxy resin for making a resin coaster and highlight some of the reasons why these resins are the best for coasters and resin casting.

Some resins are better for pours that are shallow and then other resins are for deeper pours. So it just depends on what type of resin coaster and resin coaster mold you will be using.


Resin for DIY Coasters


Also using different kinds of glitter for resin will also affect the final look of your coaster.

Making resin coasters is one of the easiest ways to start off with resin crafts and resin casting. As long as you have the proper resin, the right silicone molds for resin and the colorants you want (as well as your protective gear), you will be set and ready to go. You could even look up some resin coaster tutorials to get you started. You may even get some great resin coaster ideas there.

Just make sure you are working safely with resin by wearing the proper resin safety gear, and then you can get started on your resin coasters.

How To Choose A Resin For Coasters

There are some things to consider when shopping for a resin for making coasters, such as:

  • Is the resin mixture a heat resistant resin for hot drinks?
  • Is your resin specially formulated with UV protectant in it?
  • How well will your resin mix with color pigments?
  • How long will it take your resin to hard cure?
  • Is your resin scratch resistant?
  • Is  your resin doming or self levelling for silicone molds?

It may feel overwhelming to take all of these elements into consideration when choosing the best epoxy resin for your coasters, but that is why we are here.

Here is a bit about some of the terms above, and why it is important to consider them when looking for the best resin for your coasters.


Heat Resistance

With resin, heat resistance is an important factor to know when purchasing resin if you are planning on having something hot placed on them such as a hot drink. When making epoxy coasters, heat resistance should be taken into consideration for choice of resin.

Many brands of resin will say what specific temperature they are heat resistant to.

Hot Drinks on heat resistant resin 


UV Protectant

Please note, despite any resin you are using, that all resin will yellow over time. The only thing you can do when looking for resin, is purchase one with UV protectant in it, which will lessen the degree and will slow down the yellowing time.

Resins yellow because they breakdown chemically via ultraviolet light produced by the sun. Some resins yellow much faster than others. 

When purchasing resin, many manufacturers opt to have UV protection added into their formulation, and will say "UV-resistant" on the labelling. Please note though, your resin art will still yellow over time, just not as fast, especially if it is kept out of the sun.


Resin Curing

When it comes to resin, a "full cure time" refers to how long your mixed epoxy takes to completely harden, and if we are talking resin coasters, they should fully cure while in the silicone mold. Some artists refer to a soft cure time and some refer to a hard cure time. The general rule of thumb for resin is this:

  • Resin soft cures, or hardens enough to touch after about 8 hours.
  • A hard cure, or when the resin is actually hardened, takes about 24 hours.
  • The resin should be fully cured after around 72 hours unless otherwise stated on the product packaging.

You can check the specific cure time with the brand of resin you are using to be sure, but unless otherwise stated, these cure times are good to go by.

Pressure Pots for Resin

You could also get yourself a resin pressure pot to speed up the curing process. It can reduce the curing time from 24 hours to 2 hours and give you the most crystal clear results you have ever seen.

Learn about how to choose a pressure pot for epoxy resin.


resin curing 


Scratch Resistance

Scratch resistance will typically go hand in hand with impact resistance as it refers to the hardness of the cured resin.

Some epoxies that are not made for deep pouring casts may cure a bit softer and therefore will not be super scratch resistant. Keep in mind, when a resin says it is scratch-resistant, that does not mean it is scratch-proof.

When making epoxy coasters, this is something to look for, but you likely won't be dragging anything very heavy over them, so it is a factor to consider with your purchase.


Here are out top epoxy choices when making coasters with resin!


Geode resin coasters



See all resins for coasters available here (opens in a separate window to compare prices as you read)

1. ArtResin

Check Price

One of our favorite brands of epoxy for non-deep casting projects is ArtResin.

We have worked with ArtResin for several projects and this is one of our favorite epoxy resins to work with for DIY coasters.

One thing you will like is that this resin is super easy to use and has a 1:1 ratio of resin to hardener.

ArtResin is one of the slowest resins to yellow over time as they have a special UV resistant element in their epoxy formulation.


Resin Coasters


ArtResin also has very low odors, which is something that you may really like, as most resins can have a lot of fumes. Regardless of the low odor, we still recommend wearing a proper respirator for resin, and you can see the one we personally always wear at the bottom of this article.

This is high gloss so your cured resin coasters will turn out super clear and shiny with minimal bubbles, just make sure to go over your resin with a heat gun before it cures. It also pours beautifully into silicone resin coaster molds so it is a super great, crystal clear resin for your resin coaster mold.

You can use ArtResin for making coasters in silicone resin molds, or as a clear coating for coasters.

This is one of the best resins for making your own dried flower coaster. And if you want to try making glow in the dark coaster, this epoxy resin is great for that too.


best resin for coasters


2. Epoxy Resin by Puduo

Check Price

One of the reasons why this is one of the best resins to use for coasters is because it's been formulated specifically for the arts and crafts market. And the size makes it a great resin to start out with without having to spend too much money at first.

When you are mixing this resin, you just mix one part resin to one part hardener. This resin is going to give you lots of time to play around with different designs because is has 45 minutes of work time before it starts to harden.


Epoxy For Resin Coasters


Another reason why this is a great resin is because of the minimal bubbles that form when it's being stirred.


best resin for coasters


3. FGCI Superclear Premium Resin

Check Price

This is one of the top rated resins that can be used for coasters. The formula is great for adding different pigments and colors into the resin and it will mix in fully. You can even use alcohol inks and mica powders.


Making Resin Coasters


One of the reasons that this is one of the best resins for coasters is because it is a super glossy formula that will level off quite quickly. This kit includes the resin and also the hardener. There's enough resin here to make many different kinds and sizes of coasters.

This resin is certified food grade and has a high resistance to yellowing due to UV exposure. This will work beautifully in a silicone coaster mold, or any silicone mold.

best resin for coasters


4. Resin Obsession

Visit Shop

This resin shop on Etsy has some of the best resin out there for coasters. We have used them before for jewelry making and in silicone resin molds, and love their easy to use formula.

Check out their amazing selection of resin for coasters and colorants! With everything that they have to offer, you could put together your own resin kit right from their Etsy shop.


Best Epoxy For Crafts


Their high-quality resin formula makes it easy to create one-of-a-kind resin coasters in any shape or design you can imagine.

Whether you’re looking for a creative gift idea or just want some new décor for your own home, they have lots to choose from in their shop.


best resin for coasters


5. Dr. Crafty Resin 

Check Price

If you are making deep pour epoxy resin coasters that also have wood inclusions, then this is the best resin for that. You will get a crystal clear pour and cured resin, which is important when pouring onto wood.

If you are pouring deeper resin coasters, this is the formula you will need. Some resins will not be formulated properly for a deep pour and this means that the resin can heat up too much causing warping. So do pay attention to the proper resin for deep pour coasters.

This resin kit is great for beginners because it not only comes with the resin and hardener, it also comes with some measuring cups and stir sticks.


best resin for coasters


6. Teexpert Resin

Check Price

Looking for a quick and easy way to make resin  coasters? Look no further than this resin epoxy. It's easy to use, cures hard, and you can add any colorants you want to make them truly unique. Plus, it's affordable so you can make as many or as few as you like.

This resin will be able to pop out of the mold after 8-24 hours depending on the temperature of your space.

They suggest to stir this epoxy resin for 1 minute slowly and evenly and then stir 2-3 minutes a little more quickly for even distribution of the resin and hardener.


best resin for coasters


7. Counter Culture DIY Resin

Check Price Here

Let's head on over to Etsy and tell you about Counter Culture DIY. They offer some of the best resins for coasters in many different viscosity. This means you can easily embed flowers, glitter and more elements without it sinking to the bottom of the resin coaster while it cures.


Beautiful Resin Coasters


Artist Resin Medium Viscosity is great for Tumblers, Artwork, Acrylic Pours, Resin Art, Geodes, Countertops, Serving Trays, Coasters, any surface that requires a hard durable finish. Artist Resin may be suitable for some casting applications 1/4” or less.


best resin for coasters



1. Make sure you are choosing the right viscosity. If you are using a resin that is too thin, your added elements like flowers and glitter will sink to the bottom.

2. Read the reviews. Some resins are made poorly and will not hold up to resin coaster use. Choose a resin that will cure hard and have uv protection in the formula to prevent fast yellowing.

3. Always use protection when making diy resin coasters. Even if the formula states it is non-toxic. This usually means that each individual element (resin and hardener) may be non-toxic on their own. But when mixed together or when you add other elements to the mixed resin, it may no longer be non-toxic.

4. Read the MSDS sheets and follow the instructions on the manufacturers website.

5. If you are purchasing resin from a brand and that brand also offers colorants, you should stick to the same brand whenever possible. They have tested their colorants with their own brand of resin to ensure the best results.


Crystal Clear Coating On Coasters


We hope you found this article about epoxy resin for coasters super helpful. Once you decide on an epoxy brand, you can make all kinds of diy resin coasters that are unique and one of a kind. Have fun!


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No matter what type of resin you decide to use, always use personal protective equipment (PPE). Take time to carefully go over safety data sheets before making anything with resin, and make sure you have the proper gloves on (not latex) and the right respirator for resin protection.

Here are the exact gloves we always use

This is the respirator we use and recommend for resin work

Read more about resin safety here

And please remember, even if your epoxy resin of choice is "VOC-free, odor free" and/or "non toxic", please always wear the proper respirator for epoxy resin.

Here is the BEST respirator mask for epoxy resin: this Full Face Organic Vapor Respirator checks off all of the boxes for resin safety, and comes with

  • free 30 day returns
  • a 1 year factory warranty
  • free US shipping and free shipping on international orders

Here it is:

best respirator for resin


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  • Hi Zak, thanks for the comment! We always recommend a resin with heat resistance if it is going to be coming into contact with anything hot, yes that is first and foremost. Secondly, make sure you are mixing the proper ratio by volume, or as the directions say, and mixing very well because if you have too much resin to hardener or vice versa, it could come out just slightly tacky and result in a bit of a stick. Another point, is what is the curing temperature? Different resins have different “best curing temperatures”, and if it is too warm/humid where you are curing it, this could also give you a bit of a tack. Lastly, if you have gone through those precautions, then we would suggest trying out another brand of resin, or you could even try doing a clear coat with a mod podge that has a glossy finish (be sure to read the mod podge for dishwasher safety if you plan on doing anything like that). Of course, please do a test one first to see what you think, if going with the mod podge route. Wishing you the very best of luck!

  • Hi, thanks for this list. One of the things I would like to know is which is the best coaster resin for not sticking to the bottom of a hot beverage mug. I find most resins, even if heat resistant, can still stick to the bottom of a hot mug. What is your recommendation for that? Heat resistant makes the coaster not melt the resin, or indent with ring mark, but the mug can still stick to it. I would appreciate any advice.


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