5 Best Resin Calculators For Epoxy Resin [2022]

Here are the best calculators that will calculate how much resin you need.

There are a few resin calculators available online to help you measure how much resin you require for your project. These calculators can be helpful tools when you need to know how much resin to use for a project.

Many resin artists struggle with getting the measurements just right. But don't worry, there are tools available to help make the process easier. In this blog post, we'll explore resin calculators and discuss how they can be used to ensure proper measurement. You can use these resin calculators for resin jewelry, resin coasters, geode resin art and more.

These epoxy resin calculators will help you save money and time.


1. Epoxy Resin Calculator by Counter Culture DIY

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This resin calculator will help determine exactly how much resin you are going to need for a project. All you need to do is input your measurements and it will tell you how much resin you need. They have several different calculators to choose from.

epoxy resin calculators

2. Art Resin Calculator

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ArtResin is a very popular resin brand and they have a handy tool for their resin artists. All you need to do is to input the length and width of your piece into their resin calculator and it will tell you how much you will need.

epoxy resin calculators

3. Resin Obsession Resin Calculator

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With this handy resin calculator you can easily select either rectangle, square or cylinder. We have used their resin a few times and they have a really great selection of resin supplies in their Etsy shop.

epoxy resin calculators 

4. Resin Calculator by Pro Marine

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Pro Marine has a super handy calculator for large projects. You can enter the length, width and desired thickness. They also have the correct answers if you are letting your resin pour over the edge or if you are building a dam around the form.

epoxy resin calculators

5. Magic Resin epoxy resin calculator

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Another handy epoxy calculator for measuring resin projects. All you need to do is enter your dimensions and depth and they will calculate how much resin you need.

epoxy resin calculators

Thank you for reading! We hope you found these resin calculators helpful.


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