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10 BEST Geode Resin Art Tutorials to Watch in 2024

In this article you will learn how to make geode resin art using epoxy resin. Geode paintings and geode resin art are so fun to make and they take your home décor to the next level. Who wouldn't want a sparkling geode hanging on the wall. The way the glitter and resin catches the light makes them truly spectacular.

Have you ever wondered how to create geode resin art from scratch? YouTube has a ton of DIY tutorials to teach you how to create geode resin art using epoxy resin & other resin supplies like glitter for resin. 

The best geode resin art is made from a combination of epoxy resin, glitters, and other supplies like crystals. The final result is to make the piece of artwork look like a piece of natural geode. 

Geode resin art takes practice to get it perfect. Resin and supplies can be very expensive so a great suggestion is to make small pieces first and then go on to making larger pieces once you get the hang of it.

Once you have mastered the look you want, then go ahead and make larger pieces. Some geode resin artists make pieces that are massive and take up a whole wall. These pieces are just incredible to look at!



1. How To Make A Geode by DIY Craft Club

In this geode resin art tutorial, the folks over at DIY Craft Club show a detailed step by step instructional how to make a realistic geode using a geode form and epoxy resin.

Their geode turned out stunning and they give great tips how to mix paint into resin with the proper ratios.



2.  Classic Geode Resin Art Tutorial by Dianka Pours

Learn how to make a geode art piece from scratch using her tried and true techniques. This video tutorial is a complete guide so do be sure to take notes and watch a couple times so that you can apply her advice to your own geode piece.



3. Extreme Bling Geode Resin Art Tutorial by The Art Chick

Learn how to use glittery chunks and how to lay them out onto your surface with resin. Set aside about 20 minutes for this tutorial. She gives lots of great tips for working with resin like using paint for adding color. And how to use a paint pen for creating geode lines.



4. Geode Resin Art Step By Step by DM Paints

Learn how to create a resin geode for your own home decor or to sell in your Etsy shop. This is a helpful step by step detailed tutorial on how to get a professional look to your geodes. The resin artist Dea uses a heat gun to move the resin around creating natural lines to mimic what you might see in nature.



5. Minty Green Geode Tutorial by Tams Creative Corner

Here is an epoxy resin geode DIY wall art piece that uses gorgeous shades of green colors. We are loving the minty green multidimensional highlights and how she uses the sparkle accents to make this artwork really stand out.



6. Geode Resin Tutorial On MDF by Petra Jongbloed

Petra is a resin expert and she has many helpful tutorials on her channel. In this DIY tutorial she shows how to use a bubble technique that is a must try! She achieves the glittery effect using a combination of crystals & fireglass.

A must watch for professionals and beginners!



7. How To Create Geode Crystals by Dianka Pours

Another extremely helpful geode DIY tutorial by Dianka. She has some of the best geode resin art videos out there for when you are just starting out learning how to make geodes.

In this detailed tutorial she shows how to get your pours perfect every single time with her tried and true techniques that she has mastered.



8. Geode Resin Art On A Form by DIY Craft Club

Watch this easy step by step tutorial on how to make a geode with an MDF form.

They teach you how to get the geode sides ready for the epoxy pour and how to make them look realistic. When working on resin art pieces, the prep is the most important step before going ahead with pouring the resin onto the piece.



9. How To Make Barriers For Geode Resin Art by Dryer Days Art Studio

Lines and barriers are one of the most important aspects to keeping different colors and glitters from running together. In this DIY, she teaches you how to lay out your boundaries using a sculpting medium.



10. Geode Resin Bowls by Summer Girl Designs

Now that you have a really good idea on how to make geodes, why not try to make something else like a geode bowl?

This resin tutorial uses geode bowl molds and the results are stunning. This would be such a great idea for a DIY gift idea.



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