How To Write On Resin | BEST Resin Markers [2022]

You feel inspired and you've gotten creative. You are ready to work with epoxy resin. The craft area is set up, the colors are picked out for the resin art, the surface is prepped and you have put on your respirator. And then you made the most beautiful geode resin art, or an interesting resin pour onto wood canvas, or perhaps you made some coasters, a tumbler or something else, and you are so proud of it. Who wouldn't be?

Resin is a beautiful medium to work with. It colors beautifully and cures to a shiny, reflective surface. Often though you will want to add some finishing details. This may be some natural looking geode or agate lines, some intricate detailed drawings or even your signature.

What can you use to write on resin with?

How To Write On Resin

If you are a resin artist and need to paint the fine lines in between your resin pours or finish your piece of art, then you need a good set of paint markers or paint pens.

Not all paint pens and markers will work best for writing on resin. After drawing and writing on many resin pieces, we discovered which are the best paint markers for adding details to resin art; ones that don't rub off or fade over time.

Here is a list of the best pens and markers to write on resin with.

We have researched and collected some key points to help you purchase the best tools for your resin projects.

A note about quality of resin markers

There's a huge difference between finding the best quality of paint markers and cheaper markers for resin. You might think you are saving money by opting for the cheapest medium, but in the long run, the cheaper markers might not hold up to regular use for resin art and may fade.

Especially when you are going over the rocks, gems and glass parts. So if consistent flow and unfading details are important to you as a resin artist, it is best to invest in a good set of paint pens from a reputable company.

Please remember: with any set of paint pens or markers, be sure to try out a test piece first. As a general rule of thumb, always practice on small resin pieces first when trying out a new product.


1. Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Pens

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These paint pens are the best overall markers for resin art.

Because they are medium-tipped, it is easy to get those lines and details in your work, and you are able to go over them a few times to add the appearance of thickness and dimension of line in some areas.

This set is great because it comes with eight pens and has a variety of colors to try. We find that we use white the most, so if you want more white you can get a set of all white paint pens from Sharpie here.

This colorful set allows you to explore and try all of their colors.

 Markers for writing on resin


Here is a video from DIY Craft Club using Sharpie paint pens on resin. Watch to see how the white marker performs:

2. Uni Posca Paint Pens

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These paint pens are another hugely popular medium for resin detailing. The opaque felt tips write on resin very smoothly and this particular set comes with beautiful metallics as well.

The fully pigmented ink is non-toxic, lightfast and is waterproof. These resin writers are great for bold as well as fine linework in your resin art.

This set is water-based so be sure to do a test before adding resin over the top of these paint pens in a clear layer. It is always best to make sure that the resin you are using won't cause them to run. best paint markers for geode resin art

3. Krylon Leafing Pens

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This is our top pick for metallic markers and they are a well known, trusted brand. Krylon leafing pens come in a variety of metallics including gold, silver and copper. The gold looks amazing on both light dark-colored resin surfaces.

 Writing pen for resin

4. Molotow Metallic Paint Pens

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Here are some pens for painting on resin from Germany. These paint pens are premium quality and will cover resin completely with a beautiful line of paint. They have a flowmaster pump system so you can actually buy them, use them completely and then refill them!

These are quick-drying paint pens for resin so if you need to layer your lines, you can absolutely do that with these.

 Resin Painting Markers

How to apply paint pens and markers to resin

Once you find the set of paint pens or paint markers for writing on resin, there are two ways to use these.

1. Write on your resin in between resin layers

You can use your paint pens or markers in between your resin pours if you are pouring in layers to create a sort of three dimensional look. This can be especially striking of you are doing this for a geode or agate. Again, be sure to do a test patch somewhere to make sure the brand of resin you are using won't smear the paint pen.

2. Write on your finished resin surface and finish with varnish

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Once you are done your resin art, you can use the paint pens on the fully cured surface. You can leave the piece as it is or you can spray it with a finishing varnish spray to lock them into place. We like to use Kamar varnish for something like this, but like the resin, we highly recommend wearing your respirator for varnish work as well.

3. Write on your finished resin surface and pour a clear layer to seal

The same as the previous point, but instead of varnish, you seal with a clear thin coat of resin on top of your art.

If you are going to have your resin art in an area where it won't be touched very much, you might be fine with an oil-based paint marker on the surface as well.

However you want to seal your resin and whether or not you choose to seal the writing in your resin is up to you. It is best to try all different ways thought and find the style that is best for you and the artwork you create.


How To Seal Paper For Resin

Resin Safety


No matter what type of resin you decide to use, always use PPE. Do take time to carefully go over safety data sheets before making anything with resin. And it's very important to follow the instructions on the resin.

Here is the best respirator mask for epoxy resin: this PD-100 Full Face Organic Vapor Respirator by Parcil Safety, who is based in the USA, checks off all of the boxes for resin safety.

best respirator for resin

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