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7 BEST Northern Lights & Aurora Jewelry | 2024

Best Aurora Jewelry Makers

If you are looking for unique, beautiful pieces of jewelry that reflect the northern skies for yourself or someone you love, you are going to want to see some of the beautiful northern lights and the aurora jewelry that is out there.

Necklaces With Aurora In Them

You can find gorgeous aurora jewelry with rare gems, gold quartz, as well as other things such as fine timepieces that are all absolutely stunning.

But most of the jewelry we are featuring here have beautiful resin details that encase these rare gems and unique pieces, which make them truly unique. These are designer jewelry pieces where no two will be alike.

Making Aurora Jewelry

I have personally spent ten years in the sub arctic and have spent many, many nights in awe of the dancing aurora outside my cold window.

As beautiful and amazing as they were, there are a select few handmade jewelry artists out there who were able to adequately capture this phenomenon so people could wear them.

These colors are true, the quality is top notch and the pieces are all stunning and are inspired by the aurora, or the northern lights.

See more jewelry inspired by Canada here

So if you are looking for diamond jewelry engagement rings inspired by the northern lights, or some inclusion of rare gems including exquisite ammolite fossils or gold quartz in with the aurora, you will want to check out the stores listed below.

Aurora Jewelry Inspiration

I'm here to share these handmade jewelry makers with you so you too can appreciate the beauty of the midnight aurora in the jewelry you wear.

Aurora Jewelry Rings

BEST Aurora Jewelry

Here are some of the best handmade aurora jewelry pieces out there right now.

1. Aurora Jewelry Pendant

Check price on Etsy here

This is an Etsy aurora jewelry maker we have had our eye on for a while now. This gorgeous aurora designer jewelry is made from a satin-finished, precious burl wood, opal (for the aurora) and epoxy resin.

What we love about the necklace choices from this maker, is that you can get that beautiful night sky piece or a southern aurora with a winter-inspired take on the northern lights with soft pinks and whites.

Northern Aurora Jewelry


Best Aurora Jewelry


Here is a part of their necklace description: "Celebrate the magnetic beauty above with a piece that reflects the stars and colors of the spectacular night sky!"

And because you are shopping for necklaces, you won't have to worry, they will all be the perfect fit.

Aurora Pendant

the opal that this jewelry maker uses can change color slightly depending on the light it is reflecting. This would be a gorgeous pendant for anyone who loves the aurora and the natural northern skies.

2. Northern Lights Above The Mountains Pendant

See it on Etsy here

Here is a northern lights jewelry seller who uses epoxy resin to achieve the northern aurora. The mountains are made from black hornbeam wood and the resin is polished to a reflective, crystal clear finish. The details in these pieces are just phenomenal.

Aurora Necklace Mountain

These designer jewelry necklaces are made to order, so let shop owner Alice know what you are looking for.

And hey, if you think these are cool, you are going to want to check out her northern light USB drives!

Unique Aurora Jewelry

Wow. I didn't know I wanted new USB drives until this.

3. Crystal Fire Aurora Necklace With Opal (Rare Gems)

Check price on Etsy here

Here is an aurora designer jewelry maker based in Ireland that ships for free to America (and other locations around the world). Shop owner James finds gorgeous and rare opals with flawless clarity and gorgeous fire. The colors in each piece are absolutely stunning.

Aurora Jewelry With Opal

Because each piece is different, you would have to browse the shop to see the different rare stones and gems and the jewelry art he creates with them.

To give you an example of his work, here is one necklace he is featuring in the shop currently (may not be available at the time you are shopping, these items seem to sell quickly).

Rare Aurora Jewelry

Here is just a part of the description of this piece:

This Rare and Unique Opal has an incredible display of colors. Weighing 2.43 Carats, with a Perfect cabochon dome cut and flawless (IF) clarity. This Natural Semi-Crystal White Fire Opal Gemstone is of the Highest Quality.
As shown in the pictures, this opal has an incredible range of iridescent colors which change dramatically based on your viewing angle. Just 1mm opens up a new array of colors.

In this high caliber category of rare opals. Only one opal with it's own color pattern exists. There are no two alike in existence. [...] Of all the Opal mined in the world, this opal is in the top 0.01% in terms of quality. It took the earth over 30 million years to create this opal.

The jewelry maker goes on to talk about the entire story of this specific opal and how the necklace was made, and each piece has its own story.

With over 13,000 sales and an average of 5 star reviews, this is a special jewelry maker you are going to want to check out. With a number of different chains, settings and stones, there is something for everyone here, and you can even watch a video capturing how the light is reflected in these Irish stones.

4. Northern Lights Resin Ring

Check price on Etsy here

Here is a truly unique ring that will have people asking a thousand questions about. It is as eye catching as it is gorgeous. This ring is made from black hornbeam wood and jewelry resin, and there is a line through the aurora captured inside that actually glows in the dark.

Aurora Ring

Aurora Ring Jewelry

Stunning as the northern aurora, but this designer jewelry shop also makes incredible lava inspired jewelry and underwater scenery jewelry.

Aurora Borealis Jewelry

We can't get over how realistic some of the scenes are in these rings, this is a shop where you are going to have to see its jewelry to believe.

5. Aurora Borealis Pendant

See the collection on Etsy here

Here is a gorgeous pendant on a chain that has depth, dimension and character. Made from black Ukranian wood and resin, these necklaces are so unique in their tear drop crystal shape and coloring.

Northern Lights Pendant

The wood landscape inside is covered lightly with a white powder to mimic snow on a mountain top.

Aurora Jewelry Necklace Pieces

There is a collection to choose from but again, because this is a handmade seller, these items sell quickly. Also, be sure to check out the guitar picks from this shop if you have someone musical you need a gift idea for!

Resin Aurora Guitar Pick

6. Northern Aurora Drop Earrings

Check price on Etsy

Another absolutely gorgeous design from this designer jewelry shop favorite. These earrings are absolutely breathtaking.

Aurora Earrings

Resin Aurora Jewelry

Here is what the handmade seller has to say about their earrings:

"The iridescent opal makes it appear as if there is a tiny galaxy stuck inside. The resin has glass like properties and is polished to a high gloss finish - it is made to stun. The earrings are unique, and it is impossible to make another piece exactly like them."

Opal Earrings

There are many different colors of opal available at a time in this shop, so you will have to see what is still available when you read this article as these are big sellers.

7. Northern Lights Necklace

See it on Etsy here

When I first saw this photo, I couldn't believe her perfectly this jewelry maker captured the look of the aurora both in terms of color and movement. This necklace is so lifelike in its coloring, it made me miss the north.

With a bit of a starry nightscape and with the gorgeous wood aspect of it, this is a lifelike necklace that will leave a lasting impression.

Best Northern Lights Jewelry

Shop owner Osman has a lot of experience and takes making these pieces to heart:

"As an Architect, Sculptor and a Luthier I always had passion about exotic woods and wood working. Working with wood is a way of life and I am enjoying every second of it. With "osmanalkandesign" I am focusing on Light Sculptures which are also all made of exotic woods from all around the globe."

8. Aurora Wood Resin Pendant

See it on Etsy right here

This striking wood resin aurora jewelry is totally unique from any other jewelry we have seen. This would be a piece that anyone can own and wear.

This is another incredible feature from jewelry maker Alice from the small handmade store Wood Made Wonderwood.

Epoxy Jewelry

When you order this aurora jewelry, she hand makes one specifically for you, so what you receive may be slightly different but you an chat with her about your colors and designs, and the quality of necklace you will get will surely put a smile on your face. Alice makes some seriously professional pieces that are stunning.

You may also want to check out her totally unique piece where you order one heart that is split into two necklaces. Isn't this amazing?

Heart Necklace Of The North


9. Ice Axe Pendant

Check price on Etsy here

Here is a really unique piece that ties elements of the northern lights in with the idea of the cold northern climate. This is called an ice axe and is made to resemble a viking axe.

Ice Axe Jewelry

This jewelry maker also fashions unique hammers, swords and knives in the form of resin jewelry, so check out their shop.

Aurora Skies

We hope you found some really amazing aurora jewelry pieces and handmade resin jewelry sellers. Be sure to check out each of their stores to find exactly what you are looking for, many make diamond jewelry engagement pieces inspired by the aurora, and some have an anniversary collection as well.


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