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10 BEST Silicone Molds For Any Resin Project | 2024

Resin Silicone Molds


Whether you are a jewelry artist or you enjoy making keychains, pyramids, bookmarks or other items out of resin, you are likely using trusty silicone molds.

Silicone is one of the best kept secrets of resin artists because you can easily pour your resin into a silicone mold; either deep casts or small molds, and you can allow your resin to cure and it will demold like a dream.


Demolding Resin Jewelry

Durable silicone resin molds and epoxy molds are going to give a high glossy shine to your resin pours. The ultra smooth surface of silicone is absolutely perfect for making everything from lacey ocean trays to the most intricate resin jewelry, and you can find some really great resin mold sets in the jewelry category.

Read about how to make resin jewelry here

See resin mold sets here


Do I Need Mold Release Spray?

Many resin artists use a mold release spray, but this is really not necessary if you purchase a high quality silicone mold.

Some molds do not release as easily as silicone does, and you will get many, many uses out of your epoxy molds if you treat them well.


How Do I Clean My Silicone Mold?

You can give your resin silicone mold a gentle wipe down with a damp paper towel. You just want to be sure it is 100% dry before you pour resin or material into it.

Once you have made a resin piece in your mold and have demolded it, you can pick out any cured resin drips and discard them from the mold, wipe it down again and make sure you store it in a dark, cool place.


What Can I Make With Silicone Molds And Resin?

With silicone molds, you can make:

Resin Pendant Heart


With the availability of durable silicone molds for resin, there are endless creations you can make and customize with colorants for resin, dried flowers for resin as well as dried leaves and other inclusions, glitter for resin and other special items that you may want to include.


Glitter in a resin mold


Why Use Silicone Molds For Resin?

Silicone molds are the best choice for resin because once the resin is cured, it will release from the resin mold very easily. This makes silicone molds ideal for resin pours from small pieces to larger statement pieces like resin geodes.

Silicone is flexible so the cured piece can be removed from the resin mold by gently coaxing the finished piece out. Also, silicone is super easy to keep clean and can be used again and again.

This will save you money and keep waste to a minimum.

Pouring resin into a mold

We are going to share some of the best designs for silicone molds from mold artists and brands who are well trusted and well known in the epoxy resin world. 

Let's get into it!


Best Silicone Molds For Resin

1. Extra Large Silicone Molds For Resin

Visit Etsy Shop

You can get really great, extra large, durable silicone molds out there to make tables, trays and other extremely popular pieces for your resin projects.

Fat Cat Tiny Dog on Etsy is your shop for large resin molds like trays and small tables. Specializing in large molds that are hard to find for geode resin art or layered cubes, you will find them all here.

This is a fantastic, high quality resin mold kit that you are going to love getting creative with.

best silicone molds for resin


2. Round Silicone Molds For Resin

Check Prices On Amazon

Check Prices On Etsy

Round silicone molds are great for those pieces that either have a deeper pour or for round coasters. More and more resin artists are using round molds to make resin designs.

There are quite a few to choose from and it all depends on what you would like your round resin mold for and which resin project you are taking on.

Round silicone molds

You can make custom ornaments and custom home décor items that have initials embedded into the molds. Round molds are good to have on hand for DIY resin keychains too, there's so many uses for these!

We love to have these kinds of silicone molds on hand when we are doing other resin projects and have leftover resin. These are easy to pour those little bits of extra resin into for quick pendants, necklaces and keychains.

It's good to not let that extra resin go to waste! Check out this amazing great resin mold kit! You can make resin jewelry with epoxy resin or even with uv resin, just be sure you have a good light to cure your uv resin with.

It is always good to start your resin project with high quality materials, both in the epoxy mold and with the epoxy resins themselves.

best silicone mold for jewelry


3. Silicone Molds For Resin Keychains

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Speaking of keychains, here are some great little keychain molds for you to check out.

You can make your own keychains easily with the large selection. Resin keychains are extremely popular and they make a great gift idea too.

When looking for silicone keychain molds, be sure they have the hole for the keychain rings to go through, otherwise you are going to have to use a small dremel to make your keychain hole once the resin has fully cured.


Resin keychains

We especially love making resin keychains with letters. Call it a personal favorite, but these are super fun and easy to make.

This kit, pictured below, comes with your letters and numbers, 30 keychains and 100 screwpins. As you may notice from the photo, these o not have the hole in the mold, but the kit does come with a manual drill so you can easily make your hole for the screwpins once you demold them, and the drill has 2 different sizes.

One of our favorite ideas with these letter molds is not only for keychains, but for fridge magnets! How great is that? You can easily grab these silicone molds and the refrigerator magnets for them right on Amazon for a great price.

Check price of these letter molds here

See the magnets available here


Resin keychain mold


4. Custom Silicone Molds For Resin

Visit Etsy Shop

Pickers Palace has a ton of custom resin molds to choose from like nocturnal elements, florals and elegant borders for trays or resin wall art. Can't find what you are looking for, but still want your own custom mold?

Just message Jonelle, the shop owner and she will help you out and get you your very own reusable epoxy molds. Her molds are made by order and she will do the best she can.


Christmas resin mold


We always love these unique resin molds she comes up with!

I am always happy to answer questions, direct you to ideas and information, and cheer you on! This is happy, fun stuff and I love what I do and love encouraging you.


best silicone molds for resin 


5. High Quality Silicone Molds

Visit Etsy Shop

Visit Backfist Customs on Etsy for hundreds of custom silicone molds for resin jewelry to coasters and everything in between. There's plenty of resin molds to choose from when you want to make DIY resin gifts or items to sell in your Etsy shops and craft shows.

Customers are loving this resin mold shop and the durable silicone molds they make, especially because they are made of high quality material. Here is just one of the great reviews:

I received my mold yesterday and used it immediately! I loved the outcome. I can't wait to make more! Quick delivery, thank you!


best silicone molds for resin


6. Silicone Molds For Geode Coasters

Visit Etsy Shop

Making geode resin art in resin coaster molds has never been more popular and this shop carries a large selection of resin molds made from quality silicone.

These resin molds are super easy to use, just pour your resin according to the brand's instructions and add glitter or flowers.


Geode coaster


The piece will release from the coaster molds once cured, and you can make it look like a gorgeous geode piece to compliment the room you plan on using them in.


best silicone molds for resin 

You can find your own resin mold in the geode shape above where the center is gone, you you can look at other coaster molds with no centers. There are so many options when it comes to resin geode coasters and resin coasters in general.

You can color your resin before you pour it into the mold with acrylic paint, mica powder or alcohol ink. There are many resin colorants you can choose from to create really beautiful pieces.


Making Resin Coasters

Resin Coaster Art


7. Large Silicone Molds For Geode Resin Art

Visit Etsy Shop

This is where everyone is getting their large silicone resin mold ideas for those geode resin creations.

They have tips on how to use their silicone molds right in their Etsy shop and their molds are very soft and flexible, you can very easily release the finished cured product.


best silicone molds for resin


8. Resin Jewelry Kit With Molds

Check Price

When it comes to making resin jewelry there are so many different shapes and sizes to choose from. Here is a fabulous jewelry set that comes with silicone molds, glitter and all of the tools to make custom resin jewelry.

What a great gift this would be for a person who wants to try making their own DIY jewelry with resin.


best silicone molds for resin


9. 3D Silicone Molds For Resin

Visit Etsy Shop

Best Silicone Molds on Etsy specializes in 3D resin molds, and some of these epoxy molds are really stunning. Their gorgeous English rose molds are very popular and can be turned into hanging décor that would look so pretty by a window or in a bathroom.

Some resin artists unmold the resin just before it's fully cured so that the petals can be bent and changed to the shape that is desired.

This is an advanced technique that takes practice to get it perfect, but it always starts with getting a high quality silicone material as well as a good quality casting resin. Your casting materials should be top notch for this type of art and these advanced techniques.

If you are just starting off with 3D resin casting, we would suggest waiting until your piece is completely cured before demolding it to get a good feel for resin casting.

From there, you can try to demold before it is completely cured to bend or shape your epoxy resin piece.


best silicone molds for resin


10. Rectangle Silicone Molds For Resin

Check Price Here

These silicone resin molds are what you need to create resin trays with lacy ocean waves and beach scenes that are so popular. It's very important to purchase a quality resin mold that can be used over and over, and these resin art molds are great for that.

You can find small rectangle silicone molds or very big rectangular molds if you want to make a table out of resin.

Read about the Best Molds For Resin Tables


Resin Table Mold

If you purchase less expensive epoxy molds for this type of art, you will find that the resin mold is going to tear because it's so large, so it is a good idea to find a seller with a good number of star ratings and reviews.

Finding a good quality, durable silicone mold is imperative, especially when doing larger resin pieces like tables, trays, geodes and others.

There are so many rectangle silicone resin molds to choose from on Etsy!


best silicone molds for resin



  • Do keep silicone molds and epoxy molds out of the sun or they can start to degrade. Sunlight is known for breaking down silicone so keep your molds in a dark place after use.
  • As an add on to the above tip, you should also keep your cured resin art out of the sunlight as well as the uv rays will also affect the color of your piece, especially if it is clear (uncolored or untinted) or white. All resins will yellow over time, some just more so (and faster) than others. That is why it is good to buy a resin with added uv protection in the formulation.
  • Keep your resin supplies separate and dedicated for resin only. Never use silicone molds that were used for resin for baking or cooking.
  • Have some small resin molds on hand even for big projects. Resin is expensive, and when you have leftover it is nice to be able to pour it into a keychain or jewelry mold so it doesn't go to waste. These make great little gifts!
  • Always wear the proper safety equipment when it comes to working with epoxy. If you don't know what is the best safety equipment for resin, we share some info about that at the bottom of this article.

    Serving Tray Mold


    We hope you found this silicone mold list helpful and that you find a perfect design for your resin pours.  Feel free to share this article on your social media pages!


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    No matter what type of resin you decide to use, always use personal protective equipment (PPE). Take time to carefully go over safety data sheets before making anything with resin, and make sure you have the proper gloves on (not latex) and the right respirator for resin protection.

    Here are the exact gloves we always use

    This is the respirator we use and recommend for resin work

    Read more about resin safety here

    And please remember, even if your epoxy resin of choice is "VOC-free, odor free" and/or "non toxic", please always wear the proper respirator for epoxy resin.

    Here is the BEST respirator mask for epoxy resin: this Full Face Organic Vapor Respirator checks off all of the boxes for resin safety, and comes with

    • free 30 day returns
    • a 1 year factory warranty
    • free US shipping and free shipping on international orders

    Here it is:

    best respirator for resin


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