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BEST Resin Christmas Ornaments for 2024!

Resin Tree Ornaments For Christmas

One of the most easily customizable Christmas gifts or gift ideas, is through Christmas ornaments. And when you find a really great resin Christmas ornament maker, you can request specific details such as color, name, inclusions, size and mold.

Today, we are bringing you some of the best custom Christmas decorations that have a beautiful personal touch for you or or your friends and loved ones over the holidays.

From Christmas decorations, to hand painted ornaments, angels and winter trees, these handmade creations are sure to bring joy, hope and love and vary in technique and design for your friends or family.

Let's look at the best customizable Christmas decorations from these talented, handmade sellers.


Resin Christmas Ornaments

Here are the best handmade resin Christmas ornaments you can order and give to your friends and family.

1. Cedar Wood Christmas Tree Ornaments

Check price here

These are a really beautiful way to add a natural element to a Christmas tree. For anyone who loves nature and capturing the look of real wood, these decorations are reminiscent of wood with snow and ice.

Resin and wood ornaments

From San Diego, here is what this handmade seller has to say: "Handmade from real cedar wood and epoxy resin, these decorations are a stunning way to decorate your home for the holidays. An added bonus is they smell like real Christmas Trees...see for yourself!"

2. Ocean Resin Ornaments

Check price here

This is the classic resin ocean scene, done beautifully in a resin tree ornament. This would be a great gift for any friend or family member who loves the beach, who went on a memorable beach vacation with you, or for a resin artist who loves these scenes done with a resin lacing effect.

Resin Ocean Ornament

Here is handmade seller Melissa's description of the ornaments: "Add some beach waves to your Christmas tree or have year round decorations with this Ocean Resin Ornament. Multiple layers of resin create 3-d realistic ocean waves with textured sand used for the beach.

Ornament measures 4 inches across and is approximately 1/8 inch thick. Hangs from a natural jute twine with a natural bead added for detail."

3. Hand Painted Wood Aurora Ornament

Check price here

These are a really unique and beautiful design,: hand painted on wood slices with an epoxy resin finish. These ornaments capture northern night skies and aurora in gorgeous colors.

Aurora Ornaments

This designer has some other beautiful wood and resin Christmas pieces in her shop, check out these winter scenes she has hand painted as well onto tree ornaments, these will spread some holiday cheer.

Winter Epoxy Ornaments

And because they are coated with epoxy resin, they will have a reflective shine on them that will catch the lights on them from your tree.

4. Blue Beach Ornaments

Check price on Etsy here

Here is another take on the resin beach ornament. This is a classic, timeless design with a twist on a 3D sphere. This ornament is adorned with real sand and shells and is highly reflective on shatter-proof glass.

Beach Tree Ornament

This handmade seller has a number of other Christmas ornaments as well, most of them feature gorgeous shades of blue. Be sure to check out this shop!

5. Geode Holiday Ornament

Check price on Etsy here

Here is a resin artist who loves to make epoxy rein geodes on a variety of things. From resin tumblers to fall pumpkins to Christmas ornaments!

Geode Christmas Ornament

Handmade seller Marena from Pittsburgh makes these ornaments by custom request, so you can tell her exactly what you are looking for. Here is what she has to say about her geode ornaments:

"The ornament has glitter on the inside, and tempered glass pieces for the geode. Hand placed glass rhinestones around the geode create a sparkle unlike anything you’ve ever seen! They are extremely fragile, so handle with care like you would with any other glass Christmas ornament. Can be made in other colors. All orders are hand made and made to order. If you’d like specific details, please add them to the order comments before placing the order."

6. Dried Flower Ornaments

Check price on Etsy here

These dried flower Christmas tree ornaments are stunning. Made from hand-collected flowers and epoxy resin, these will capture nature in the most lovely way.

Dried flower Christmas Tree Ornaments

Here is more about these ornaments from the seller:

"Enchanting Christmas tree ornaments with real pressed flower that looks like a snow crystal and is sealed in epoxy resin.

You have the choice of purchasing a single pendant and place it as a seasonal [accent] in your home or to buy one or several sets of three pendants and spread them over your Christmas tree. Of course, the ornaments make awesome gifts for your loved ones as well.

When the jolly Christmas season has passed, you do not necessarily have to pack these ornaments away until next winter - these flowers are suitable home décor all year round - for example as a light catcher in your window or even as a pendant on your car's rearview mirror."

This maker has many gorgeous dried flower creations, this is a shop you are going to want to check out.

7. Resin Name Initial Ornaments

Check price on Etsy here

These are really nice personalized Christmas decorations for anyone in your life like a friend or family member. Use these for decorating your tree or hang them anytime of the year as a window decoration!

These resin ornaments feature gold flakes and pressed dried flowers for a really lovely touch.

Custom Resin initials

You can select your dried flower and initial at checkout from this shop.

This handmade seller has a gorgeous collection of resin Christmas ornaments, have a look at these raw amethyst decorations customized with an initial on them.

These would be a lovely ornament for anyone who loves the color purple, crystals and gemstones, or these would be great for someone born in February as it is their birth stone.

Raw Gemstone Christmas Tree Decorations

8. Personalized Christmas Nightlight Décor

Check price on Etsy here

This is not quite a piece you would hang on a Christmas tree, but would make a really beautiful Christmas gift idea from resin.

Check out these custom name night lights with epoxy resin and dried flowers! Aren't these neat? Have them customized with the names of your friends or the name of your family member and watch their faces light up.

I would love to see these in my own kids rooms, they are so cute.

Resin Name Gift Idea

What a great, thoughtful gift this would be, and it is as easy as giving this seller your personalization request and information.

9. Your Personal Keepsake Flowers Into An Ornament

Check price on Etsy here

Here is something truly thoughtful and unique. Have your special flowers preserved forever into a handmade Christmas ornament. Here is the shop's description of what you can do:

"We take your flowers or you can choose in stock flowers to create a custom ornament to remember a special occasion, wedding, celebration of life, first baby, babies first Christmas, or a special moment that year."

Flower Preservation Christmas Idea

"We do Floral Preservation! We love taking your own flowers or in stock flowers and preserving them in resin. We love working with our customers to make an elegant items just for them!

Beautifully hand crafted resin Christmas ornaments with flowers or greenery. Gold, Silver, Rose gold foil can be added, as well as glitter and imitation pearls."

Search All Ornaments On Etsy

If you can't find the resin Christmas ornament you are looking for, see everything Etsy has to offer right here:

Christmas Décor on Etsy

We hope we helped you find resin Christmas ornaments that you or your friends and family will love. There are so many designs to choose from that you can have customized with flowers, colors or names.

You can also look at carved ornaments and painted ornaments for a special touch. You are sure to see happy faces when you give these gifts, that's for sure.


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